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The Journal of Tibetan Literature (JTL) is a biannual, peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to publishing research, translation, and criticism on Tibetan-language texts from the origin of the written language to the present. JTL addresses the form, content, and scope of Tibetan literature and the material aspects of texts. It explores the contextual origins and receptions of texts in order to recover their historical, religious, and social meanings. The JTL encourages an exploration of the literary in Tibetan writing from a wide range of methodological and theoretical perspectives.

The Journal of Tibetan Literature focuses on the aesthetic dimensions of Tibetan literature in order to enhance appreciation of one of the world's great traditions


The Journal approaches "literature" and "texts" in the broadest sense, so as to encompass multiple forms of intellectual and cultural expression. These include, but are not limited to, Buddhism, aesthetics, political thought, philosophy, religion, literature, sciences, and the arts.

The Journal publishes research articles, long-form essays, literary criticism, translations, conference notes, and brief communications. It appeals to a broad readership of diverse communities, including scholars, translators, practitioners, and all those interested in Tibetan thought and culture. The Journal is published on a free and open-access online platform.


The Journal of Tibetan Literature is supported by the Tsadra Foundation and published in cooperation with The Buddhist Digital Resource Center.




Research articles on the history, form, content, and social dimensions of Tibetan-language literature.


Translations of poetry and prose spanning the full scope of Tibetan literary history.


Essays on current issues in the study, appreciation, and analysis of Tibetan-language literature.

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Lama Jabb, Oxford University

Nancy Lin, Institute of Buddhist Studies

Gedun Rabsal, Indiana University

Ulrike Roesler, Oxford University

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