Interview with Karma Phuntsho

Karma Phuntsho

Journal of Tibetan Literature (2023) 2 (2): 209-221.

Issue Section Criticism

Keywords Bhutanese literature, oral literature, Buddhism, cultural preservation, Bhutanese history, Bhutan


Karma Phuntsho discusses the golden age of Bhutanese literature, Bhutan’s history and vibrant oral culture, and the challenges and opportunities of cultural preservation and entrepreneurship in present-day Bhutan. 


Watch our accompanying video of Karma Phuntsho.

Explore the Bhutan Cultural Library at the University of Virginia. Enjoy some Tsangmo poems here from UVA's Mandala Library: 1. An Exchange of Antagonizing Tsangmo Poems, from Lhamo and Phurpa Lhamo 2. An Exchange of Befriending Tsangmo Poems, Lhamo and Phurpa Lhamo 3. Affectionate and Antagonizing Tsangmo Poetry, from Ap Nakchung and Friends. 


Karma Phuntsho

Published 2023-12-18

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